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Street Lighting Automation


Street light Monitoring and control system: The objective of the system is to operate and monitor the street lights, and to record and report failure events to take corrective actions immediately.

The automation of street light consists of a feeder pillar (FP) already installed and a central control station (CCS) having SCADA software. All the FP shall connect to the CCS through GPRS, and in case of failure of GPRS should be able to communicate through GSM.

The FP is already installed and has an Incomer, a contractor, timer, and outgoing feeders duly wired. In each FP a Feeder Interface unit (FIU) has to be installed along with a Power monitor (PM) which shall be connected on RS 232/RS 485. The FIU should work on GPRS only and in event of failure of GPRS shall work on GSM. The CCS shall be located at a control room where all the data shall be logged and monitored always on the SCADA.

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